Thursday, July 3, 2008

Socially Acceptable Stalking

First, a note. Thanks so much for the encouragement to blog more. You're right, I've been a terrible blogger and infrequent postings make it no fun. Honest time, not having any idea if anyone's out there reading has made it hard to stay motivated. (The JS blog tools always gave me numbers on readership). Settling into this city has also taken away from my blogging routine -- trying to prove myself at the new job; learning my way around, and yes, a little bit of having a boyfriend and not being sure how much I can write without making anyone mad. That all said, I have blog ideas all the time, and, thanks to your gentle nudging, will do my best to get back on the wagon.

P.S. I was also recently contacted by the Morning Blend people, who want me to come back for a show. That should kick things back into gear as well.

So thanks again, my friends. I appreciate your interest and feedback so very much and hope you all have a great July 4th weekend. :o)

The other day I got an excited e-mail from my sister, who was doing some down-time web stalking.

OMG I just found James
(her high school/college sweetheart with whom she lost all contact after they broke up in 2001)

She included the link to James’ east coast law firm, where he’s apparently been working for years.

Amused, I insisted that she had to drop him a line, if not to just say hello.

This is a boy who spent many a holiday at the Ortiz house. Sweet kid, he brought me a rose at my college graduation party. My mom gave him a job for one summer. We were used to having him around, and thus curious about what’s become of him years later.

My sister was hesitant – she didn’t want it to seem like she’s been pining for the guy. He just popped into her head during a day of bored internet browsing.

I pushed.

If you feel really uncomfortable, blame it on me. Send a hello and say your sister, the reporter, stumbled across his law firm during a random googling session.

In the end, they had a short, but sweet e-mail exchange. He told her what he’s up to, she told him what she’s up to, they congratulated each other on their respective success and asked each other to say hello to their families.

The more interesting development, however, came up after my sister and I went on to tell a few people about the exchange.

We’d tell the story, just like above, and people would say:

Wait – WHY did she have to blame the google stalking on you?

Which brings me to the point I’ve been amazed to discover recently. It appears we are in a day and age when Google-stalking is so commonplace, it no longer even requires an explanation.

When I started this blog a couple years ago, I feel like it was still taboo to admit that you’re looking up exes and other people you don’t talk to. But somehow, in the wake of MySpace, Facebook and the prevalence of Google, it seems people have officially become out in the open about Google stalking.

Some friends said my sister shouldn’t have even explained how she found her ex’s e-mail address. She should’ve just dove into conversation because it’s obvious that people find exes on the web.

Crazy. The social rules seem to be changing so fast. I figured I better take note of it now before people think even the topic is out of date.


Anthony said...

It depends on the person being Googled, I think... there are still people who might feel uncomfortable if they knew they were being Google-stalked. If they use social networking sites with any sort of regularity, though, they should at least be unsurprised if someone finds them that way.

Also, if they didn't part on the best of terms, then it might be awkward, regardless of who took the blame for Googlestalking. :)

(And yes, some of us are still out there reading.)

Ken in Michigan said...

Nice to have you back, Vikki!

Great blog at JS, please continue on!

John said...

1) Can't speak for others, but being part busy, part uninterested in a few blog topics have led to my own post declines. i.e. I find "Sex and the City" uninteresting and dated, with non-likable characters. It's been definitely part "topics" for me, but also part less time to read them.

2) As for this entry, whatever happened to honesty? Let me get this straight...I google someone to look them up, and I find them and contact them and not tell thim how I did it if asked...? Why not? Lying is lying. ...and not mention that passive aggressive behavior is ruining mankind.

1 packerfan said...

Hey Vikki...

Heres one for ya, I went to a smaller UW system school and I have a friend who I was very close to back in college...a few years ago I called the school, asked for the info to find her and waala... they gave it up. So when I e-mailed I told her straight up how I found her...we have re-kiindled our a very non threatening, platonic waay (we are both happily married) and it was flattering for her to kknow that I took the time to fiind her.

Still ...Just Ed!

btw... its harder to check this blog...blogs are prohibited at work so... have to check at night and Im usually sleeping by now! Still love reading your perspective on life...lots of fun and many topics translate to married life too.

shoegirl said...

first - I was wondering if you are one of those chicks that drop your friends as soon as you get a boyfriend?
second - I think it is totally acceptable to find someone on google after all we are in the age of technology.

wfbdoglover said...

Of you go to my blog page and scroll down the right you'll see favorte pages and stats etc... you can click on them to link and add to your own sight.

There is another one, where you can see more information. When I get my weekly report next, I'll send it to you as well. I lost it off my main page when I changed backgrounds - including your link. Glad I remembered today and now I added you to my igoogle.