Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Male Mole Haters

Last weekend I happily returned to Milwaukee for a Brewers game/Summerfest extravaganza.

A bunch of my guy friends were there, and one of them (a married guy) happened to bring along a co-worker who was a very cute single girl.

At least, that's what I thought of her: Petite. Pretty. Cute outfit. Fun personality.

But to my surprise, that's not what the guys took away from meeting her.

When I asked them what they thought, they all had the same reaction:

"I couldn't get past the gigantic mole on her face."

I know. Unbelievable, right? I couldn't believe this was even the discussion. Sure, I noticed it, but would never have guessed it was a dealbreaker. What about all the sexy moles out there, I argued -- like Cindy Crawford? Or Madonna?

And then I had a flash of deja vu, remembering that it was not the first time I'd heard about mole hating.

A few years ago, I was hanging out with my older brother and some of his friends when they, too, disqualified someone I thought was a perfectly lovely woman because they didn't find her beauty mark beautiful.

I don't get it. Guys will excuse all kinds of ugliness in women: caddy personalities; golddigging habits; psychotic tendencies; not to mention much more noticeable physical characteristics like love handles and cankles.

But give a girl a mole on her cheek and she's suddenly disgusting.

What is it with the male mole hating?

I really don't think women do the same thing. I know plenty of women who still found Enrique Iglesias hot even when he had that huge mole on his cheekbone.

He probably only got it removed because he's a guy. And guys hate moles, apparently.

PS) Shoegirl, to answer your question, it's actually the opposite. I know exactly the type of chick you're describing. Thankfully, I think any of my friends -- or my boyfriend -- would tell you after being a single girl for so long I'm HYPER conscious of never blowing off my friends for a man. So the busy-ness comes from trying to juggle equal time with friends and the guy, not from dedicating only time to him.


John said...

Depends on the "mole." Cindy Crawford was worshiped by legions of males in the early 1990's. Why do I get the impression this mole isn't similar? If someone has a sizeable,(nickel or bigger) object on their face that can easily and inexpensively be removed, they should do so. I am talking about i.e. skin, not a huge birthmark or something that wouldn't matter to me.

This is all about first impression. Different guys like different things. You are quick to label all guys into one category on most of your topics and reality is different. Sure it helps your blog conversation, but it can insult the intelligence of your readers at times.

Obviously a needless and large (nickel or bigger) object on someone's face wouldn't make the greatest first impression on many guys. After getting to know the person, other aspects of their looks, personality, etc...either overcomes it or doesn't.

The key is if it is something large and easily removable to improve an appearance. There are many people out there who can easily take care of similar things and don't and there are many others who have more permanent features that can't.

If this woman looked like Cindy Crawford, I'm quite sure those guys would have sung a different tune.

wfbdoglover said...

How about that bump on Sarah Jessica Parkers chin. WTF??

Glad to see you are blogging again and please let us know when you will be on the morning blend again!

Kevin Markey said...

I think I completely agree with John. He sounds like a smart guy.