Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That Day Again

I find it telling that yesterday, when perusing the Valentine’s Day card selection at Walgreens, the only card that appeared to be sold out just a few days before the holiday was the card that belonged under the heading: “We’re Having Trouble, but I Still Love You.”

That said, single people near and far still dread the idea of Feb. 14. And so for those of you in Chicago looking for a way to get through the day, I offer up this event which arrived in my Inbox from a Chicago blog reader.

And for those of you not in Chicago and single, try to stay upbeat. I love ya, and I'm sure many others do as well!


AT&T is hosting the "Video Valentines Speed Dating Event" this Valentine's Day, 2/14/08, for single-in-the-city Chicagoans looking for love. Here are the details:

* AT&T's Video Valentines Speed Dating Event is being held at the AT&T State Street (168 N. State St., Chicago, IL 60601) and AT&T Riverpoint (1730 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60614) stores. Tech-savvy singles can text, chat and video share their way to a date at the free event. Singles also have a chance to win an AT&T phone.
* Like traditional speed dating, you exchange pleasantries in only a few minutes, and then you move onto the next number. But here's the twist: you can only speed date with singles at the other store. The only way you communicate is by phone. Thanks to AT&T's Video Share capabilities, you can share live one-way video.
* AT&T will provide the phones. All you do is contact any love connections after making your round of calls. Just for participating, you have a chance to win an AT&T and a gift certificate for a romantic restaurant.

We are asking interested folks to please RSVP via our Evite and list their preferred location (State Street or Riverpoint). The Evite URL is:

You can also read more about the event on its Facebook page:


lynn said...

I'm curious how others are celebrating "Singles Awareness Day". In graduate school a group of us started a tradition of good restaurant takeout and movies that did not come from the romantic comedy section of the video store. I'll be carrying on the tradition alone this year thanks to job relocation in a new state.

Paco said...

I spent Valentine's day trolling the bars looking for lonely hearts. Works every time. And the best part- I don't have to shell out for an expensive dinner.