Saturday, December 8, 2007

The List

When you’re new to a city, it’s easy to look around and feel like you don’t fit the part.

I’ve had the last three weeks off to get acclimated with Chicago. But really, it’s been more like three weeks of feeling like a country bumpkin compared to people doing their thing in this town.

A list of things I don’t have that it seems most Chicago girls do:

1) Uggs
2) A long, grown-up coat
(not like the short puffy one I just bought last year)
3) A Starbucks cup in my hand at all times
4) A set group of friends
5) Perfectly manicured nails
6) iPod buds in my ears as I walk the city streets
(I have an iPod but depend on friends to download new music onto it cuz I don’t know how to do it. Which brings us back to #4…)

I should probably stop before I get really bummed out.

Really, I shouldn’t be surprised by this feeling. I’ve had it before, when I went away to college, when I moved to Milwaukee, to D.C., etc. In some ways, this is exactly what I signed myself up for, choosing to leave my comfy life in Brewtown to test my mettle in a foreign town.

I truly do believe it’s times like these when you learn the most about yourself and see what you’re made of. In a few months, I’m sure I’ll remember this entry and say – things have definitely come a long way since then.

It’s just funny to me that even though I consider myself a pretty confident person, a change of scenery can really shake that confidence for a while.

I wonder if this is a weird insecurity thing that only exists in women or if all 20 and 30-somethings go through this when they relocate?

Thankfully, my friend McConnell helped to put things in check. I told her about my list, which she asked me to break down for her one by one.

By the time I got to number two -- and she deadpanned, “OK, and why do you think a long black or brown coat would make things different?” -- we were both cracking up laughing.

And I was feeling so back to myself that I decided to forget about the list for awhile.

PS) Start my new job on Monday so I should be back to a more regular blogging schedule. Thanks for bearing with me during this time off!


GiGi said...

Hi Vikki,

I've been reading your blog since the very beginning, and this is the first comment I've ever posted (I think there are a lot of us). I couldn't resist this time. The idea that you are in Chicago feeling out of sorts bothers me. You're the go-to girl on all that is cool (and you still are, even in Chicago - they just don't know it yet). If you need your set group of friends (your faithful blog readers!) to come down there and make a fashion statement, we will. We'll show up uggless and in puffy coats! I might even carry a boombox on my shoulder for effect. Personally, I think Chicago could use a little Milwaukee. :)

Just let us know. :)

P.S. Good luck at your new job tomorrow! You'll be great. :)

The Guy Formerly Known as Someone else said...

Well, Vikki, I'm sure this will pass. Of course, you wouldn't have this problem if you hadn't left MKE. :)

Michael said...

Its about being yourself not being Trendy Wendy...When I visit Chicago to see my good friends I'm proud to feel i don't fit in there or anywhere for that matter. Everyone i meet likes me and i'm sure you have the same effect on people Ms. Vikki. If one has a starbucks cup in their hand at all times i would imagine their free time is spent on the toilet..(gross i know)

I have to say i'm guilty of giving my friends a hard time for the puffy coat..haha

Michael said... list

*Crocs...A horrid design.

*Genie pants (girls) know those flowing pants that just don't look right and it makes a woman's butt look like it has a mouth full of sour candy.

*oversized designer glasses...Unless your Stevie Wonder you look like fruit fly. ok sweetie i get it you can afford a book.

*The ipod craze...Its like people just discovered music?? Its another reason for you to not acknowledge someone on the street. (how kind of you)

*cell phones...(not exactly a trend) Anytime I'm on lunch! any one person who is not with someone is either texting, making a call or checking their voicemail. Your talking about nothing so you don't have to think about something.

Thats all i got. stay true!

Shadowy1 said...

Maybe it's just me but what the heck are uggs?

P.S. Good luck with the new job. We miss you in Milwaukee.

T said...

talk about generalized comments! "michael" .. so no one listen to an iPod because this is a heavy commuter via public transporatation (and walking) city and it's a great way to pass time, keep busy, catch up on music, etc. it's because no one knew what music was before an iPod? please. what would you prefer, we all walk around with stereos to make ourselves more "friendly"?

and because we may message/talk on cell phones during free time, we must be talking about nothing and only posturing? clearly you must have massive amounts of free time at home where you can listen to music and make calls in utter privacy

Michael said...


look at the youth..they can barely hold a conversation. Yes its a generalization but its not far off. I use my ipod when i take the bus to work... nothing wrong with that. What I'm saying is people should grab themselves by the ears once in a while...pull their heads out of their electronic devices and recognize we live in a beautiful world with people that we should acknowledge. T...I bet you sleep with your phone under your pillow don't you?? if you don't see my point then its pointless to try an convey my opinion to you. here is another one..Jerry Seinfeld said this once..Bottled Water/drinks. Since when did everyone get so thirsty? Everyone you see is carrying around bottled water as if we just discovered it. Its funny, its true and your sad.

T said...

not to get into a p*ssing match here because beleive it or not, i do agree that once in a while it's good to get your head out of your device. and i can't stand the prattle at restaurants and on trains. however, your generalizations fall short. we're not all camels, walking around a city where there aren't always water fountains on every corner has me in turn, carrying around a water bottle. because i'm posturing and the "youth"? which i'm not, btw). please, how about because we live in a city where listening to music, communicating via mobile devices and drinking water on the run are oft-necessary and not merely "wasting" time.

Michael said...


i'm not fond of pi$$ing contests either. post wasn't stating that this is what "T" does so don't take it to heart. Its a reflection of how rediculous i think our society can be at times..its meant to be funny..sorry you missed the joke.

T said...

i can see your attempt to be humorous but your comments erred on judgmental and then, defensive.

point taken, neverthleess, don't quit the day job...

Michael said...


I know you want the last word but i won't give it to you son. I sure got your attention funny or not. later hater