Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I have a feeling I’m going to get in trouble here.

But bear with me – it’s the last stretch of winter. Everybody’s grumpy.

So I was talking with my friend Marie the other day and we were lamenting the way it seems everywhere we look, there are mis-matched couples.

As in:

really cute guy + really not cute girl =holding hands walking down the street.

I know, I know. It’s a terrible observation to make.

But it's hard not to notice.

Believe me -- I’m usually the girl who gets dogged by my guy friends for arguing that every girl is pretty.

I do think, generally speaking, it’s hard to be unattractive as a woman because we have so many tools at our disposal.


Great hair

Cute clothes

Beautiful smiles and great personality (most important, obviously)

It's just that historically, the mis-matches have tended to go in the other direction.

Think: Julia Roberts + Lyle Lovett; Hugh Hefner + any of the girls at the mansion; Katherine Heigl + Seth Rogan in “Knocked Up” (yes, that was a movie, but the casting still demonstrates the trend).

Admittedly, at first blush, this observation came from a caddy place all women go to when they’re grumpy and it’s been snowing for months and it’s freakin cold outside for the gazillionth day in a row.

No fair. Why does she get that guy and not me?

But the conversation quickly moved on to a much happier place.

Could it be that guys are learning to appreciate women for more than just what the eyes can see?

Maybe the tall, dark and handsome men out there are realizing that you can’t judge a woman by her broken out skin, a few extra pounds on her hips, or her roots growing out obnoxiously.

Maybe those fancily dressed guys have HDTVs at home that have helped them to understand that even Jessica Simpson needs Proactiv, Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t always stick thin and even J.Lo herself skips highlighting appointments occasionally.

So don't be mad at me for pointing out the mismatch. You have to admit it's hard to stay sweet during this stretch of March.

And the way I see it, from this grumpy beginning comes two happy conclusions.

1) Maybe men can and have evolved to be not so superficial when it comes to appearance.


2) At least superficial women can evolve their evil thought process to get back on the side of their ladies.



Michael said...

Vikki I had to get away from the JSonline blogs..its Favre crazy right now.

First I'd like to say this is a good topic. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful girl with actual substance. I'm 27 and she is 20. Though she is young and I find myself watching One tree Hill with her (haha), there are many sides to her besides beauty. Many of my guy friends say i have weird tastes..Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's..Natalie Portman..Regina Spektor. Females are so complicated and interesting it is easy to fall in love with one of the many different aspects they may have.

John said...

I think you are illustrating the point that women are just as opinionated as men when it comes to physical appearance of another male or female.

I might find Jarah Mariano, Aisha Tyler, Padma Lakshmi, Charlize Theron, and insert person here physically atrractive, and one of my friends might find none of them attractive or only a certain look or type physically attractive.

Many people(though not all) quickly move past the physical attraction(which is important) to other equally important things. Some people also become more "physically attractive" because of their kindness, selflessness, sense of humor, intelligence, demeanor, interests, etc...

There will be females that you think are attractive that I don't. There will be females that I think are attractive and you don't. And, there will be females that are univerally attractive to both of us. That will always be the case.

S.B. said...

I appreciate the honesty! I can confess to having similar thoughts in my single days. In fact, I was just reading some of my high school journals, and I was lamenting the fact that the boy I liked was going after a girl who was not as pretty as me. I figured it was because she was skinnier.

Of course, I realize now that it was probably because she was more outgoing, which was a better match for his personality. And she certainly wasn't ugly.

So, I guess we can celebrate guys being (seemingly) less superficial, while still allowing ourselves to get a little catty once in awhile!

wfbdoglover said...

OOh Vicki,

I have noticed that as well. My theory is the bald, old rich guys get all the thin pretty girls.

Have you seen the show, Housewives of New York City?